Tilapia&Pomfret Supplier-Zhanjiang Yueshui Fishery

We are a frozen fish processor and exporter located in Zhanjiang Guangdong Province, China. We offer various frozen fish all year round.

China Seafood Supplier - Frozen Fish

We processes and deliver frozen seafood to the international market according to our clients’ own specifications. Our products cover the following categories:

Services We Provide-Zhanjiang Yueshui Fishery

We offer one-stop service, including inspection,logistic, documetation,finance,etc.

Pelagic Fishing-Yueshui Fishery

We have harvested many kinds of fish-mackerel, horse mackerel, ribbon fish,octupus,etc

Yueshui News-Tilapia and horse mackerel Supplier

We engage pelagic fishing around the world.

Seafood Processor-Frozen Fish

We offer all kinds of seafood, including tilapia, macherel,pomfret, horse mackerel,pompano,mackerel.


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